The company was founded in 1995, originally as an ironworking workshop with less than ten employees and its technical base, a production hall, was located in Dolní Životice. The first major milestone was the start of the production of wear spare parts in 1996, whereby the company acquired the most important thing for its presentation, and began to produce its own products. In order to be able to use the production capacity on a long-term basis, another, and quite logical step was the establishment of the sales department with a warehouse, which ensured the sale of spare parts and presented the company at exhibitions and trade fairs; together with good quality of products, it played a major role in the acquisition of new business contacts at the beginning of the Internet. Thanks to the demands for the production of spare parts, which come in direct contact with the soil and are prone to increased wear, the production halls were gradually equipped with technologies for shaping and refining steel, which meant a great move forward for the company, and hand in hand with these changes, investments in the company’s own design workplace equipment were made.


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